Civil Society

Civil Society

Target Segment: political parties, advocacy groups, unions, federations, non-profit organizations, politicians, trade unionists, community activists

  • Network data collection
  • Network data analysis and review
  • Specialized reporting
  • Training and mentoring
  • Consulting and design

What is the Main Challenge Your Team Faces?

Network data collection service

  • Do you lack the knowledge, resources, skills, or time to collect, clean, and organize the published data on your field of work or your influence in the political, economic, or social spaces in Syria?
  • Do you have private databases that you would like to integrate with The Observatory's knowledge base?
  • Would you like to have issue-specific data sets?

Network data analysis and review service

  • Do you have a strategy that requires a certain type of network analysis to implement?
  • Do you want to design and build interactive dashboards with storytelling features?

Specialized reporting service

  • Do you need case-specific or incident-specific reports?

Training and mentoring service

  • Do you need to train your team on the concepts of networks, complexity, and complex adaptive systems?
  • Do you need to train your team in data management and open-source investigations?
  • Does your team need guidance to perform these tasks?

Consulting and design service

  • Do you need to develop an organization-wide strategy to deal with data in general and network data in particular?
  • Do you need to put together a research team on data and business intelligence?
  • Do you need to design tools or processes for your research efforts?

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